What is Assured™ Certified?

Aesthetic lasers are a large capital investment. Buying new introduces high monthly payments or a very large one-time expense. Buying used can be unreliable and can leave you without any viable service and support options. Assured™ Certified, however, blends the benefits of buying used with the advantages of buying new. LaserTrader and its partners makes sure that you are not alone during the lifecycle of your laser.

So what makes Assured™ Certified the best option?

At LaserTrader, once we acquire an aesthetic laser it is put through a rigorous refurbishing process, including a 20 Point Inspection that ensures quality, longevity, safety, and clinical efficacy for every product that we deliver. We are one of the only used aesthetic laser outlets that has a true in-house repair facility with a highly experienced engineering staff, and no one else holds their repair and refurbishment standards as high as we do. Our Assured™ Certified lasers perform to the same standards as new systems, at a fraction of the cost. This is what separates us from buying used or buying new.

Make a safe investment. Our 20 Point Inspection ensures that Assured™ Certified is the safest option, empowering you to do business by owning a laser you can depend on, one that operates securely and provides proven clinical efficacy.


Our 20 Point Inspection:

  • Clean all dust from interior of machine
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Flush and refill coolant system
  • Replace water filters and deionizing cartridges
  • Replace any damaged optics with OEM or equivalent parts
  • Clean all laser and delivery system optics
  • Refurbish laser cavity components as needed to meet manufacturer energy specifications
  • Refurbish hand pieces and reset pulse counters
  • Test and calibrate all power supplies
  • Align laser to articulated arm or fiber optic delivery systems
  • Calibrate output energy using OEM specific procedures and test equipment
  • Document Proof of Calibration for machine and hand pieces
  • Calibrate Touch Screens
  • Ensure exterior of machine is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition
  • Run device for a minimum of 24 hours for final testing after all refurbishment is completed
  • Produce photo and video documentation of the device in operation
  • Drain all water from device and handpieces to prevent freezing during shipping
  • Provide refill kit and support numbers for refill of device upon delivery
  • Professionally package, crate, and ship device and all accessories
  • Follow up with support for setup and installation of equipment



Feel free to call us at (866) 597-6895 or email info@thelasertrader.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.