offers many opportunities for training tailored to your exact needs.

We have teamed up with several certified factory trained laser technicians to help you and your office optimize your investment. We have developed training programs that can be offered at your location or at a preceptor's office. Instructors will travel to your office location to train you and your staff on the machine you will be using on a day to day basis. Training courses can last from one to two days based upon your requirements and number of staff members requiring training.All personnel that are trained will receive a Certificate of Completion on the operation of the laser.

All personnel that are trained will receive a Certificate of Completion on the operation of the laser.

  • Typical Course Outline (may vary dependent upon system)
  • Laser physics and safety
  • Fitzpatrick skin typing
  • Patient selection
  • Contraindications in laser therapy
  • Desired endpoints
  • Hands on training / treating


 Most training can be completed in one full day. In some cases doctors/nurses/technicians feel more comfortable doing training over two to three days. Multiple days of training are recommended for offices with larger staffs, multiple lasers and/or multiple procedures.

Training will take place at your location and will run from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Please schedule a patient with a variety of conditions that may be treated with the laser or IPL planned for training.
Fees for training may vary and are based upon the specific equipment, the modalities, the number of days of training and the number of staff being trained. Travel expenses will be in addition to the fees for training. Typical fees range from $700 - $2,000.

Here just a SMALL list of laser's & IPL's that our trainers can provide instruction on -

  • Cutera (formerly Altus) - Cool Glide CV, Cool Glide Excel, Cool Glide Genesis, Cool Glide Xeo
  • DermaGlide, DermaGlide Microdermabrasion
  • ICN - Nlite
  • NewStar - Cool Touch I, Cool Touch II, Cooltouch Varia, Cooltouch 3
  • Laserscope - Aura KTP, Lyra 1064 YAG , Lyra i, Lyra XP, Venus Erbium YAG
  • Lumenis - Derma 20, Epi-Touch 5100 Alexandrite, Epi-Light, PhotoDerm, Multilight, All Vasculight system (Vasculight SR,Vasculight HR, Vasculight HR/SR, Vasculight Elite)
  • All LightSheer models
  • All Quantum HR, Quantum SR, Quantum HR/SR/DL
  • Palomar - EsteLux, MediLux, StarLux, SLP 1000
  • Radiancy - Spa Touch, Skin Station
  • Softlight - Softlight Q-Switch YAG
  • Spectrum - Ruby YAG
  • Syneron - Aurora