Sell Your Cosmetic/Medical Laser with TheLaserTrader

If you’re looking to sell your used cosmetic laser, TheLaserTrader is the place to go. Our unique online marketplace seamlessly connects buyers and sellers, allowing you to negotiate your own price and terms.

Best of all, listing your system on TheLaserTrader is completely free! Sell your used laser through TheLaserTrader! Fill out the Laser Information Form Here.

Here’s How to Sell Your Laser with TheLaserTrader

TheLaserTrader operates similar to services like Craigslist. You’ll send us information about the laser you’re selling and our site will host your ad for buyers to browse on our product listings. We’ll connect you with any inquiries and you’ll have the ability to set your price and terms. 

TheLaserTrader marketplace allows you the opportunity to negotiate a better price than if you were to sell your laser back to the manufacturer. We have new requests every day from buyers looking for specific systems. Furthermore, our team can offer guidance at any point along the way and provide advice on pricing, shipping, and any other questions you may have.

You DO NOT have to send or sell your laser to us in order to list it. In most cases, you’ll ship your system directly to the buyer.

Maximize the Value of Your Laser

Blue Dot Certified Lasers

Blue Dot Certification is a 20 point inspection process that ensures a pre-owned laser operates like new, allowing you to sell at a higher price.

Laser Repair Experts

TheLaserTrader employs an experienced team of in-house engineers as well as a vast network of independent service technicians for cosmetic laser repair across the country.

NOTE: We do NOT post Microdermabrators, COLD (Therapy) Lasers or Non-FDA Approved devices