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Seller questions

What does it cost to list my equipment on TheLaserTrader? Is it really Free?

Nothing out of your pocket at any point in the process! Just like other services such as Craigs List the sale price is negotiated between you and the buyer directly. Other points for negotiation consideration would be the crating, insurance and shipping costs associated with the redeployment of the system and the possibility of covering the sale with any type of warranty.

Why should I use TheLaserTrader instead of trading my system into the Mfg. or selling it to a dealer?

If an OEM manufacturer is offering you a fair trade in for your system you should by all means take it. Often this is not the case as both OEM's and dealers will offer you pennies on the dollar. TheLaserTrader is a great place to find out what systems similar to yours are being marketed at and selling for (street pricing) and compare that to the offer from the dealer or OEM.

If you have a little time you can list your system and see if you can get a higher price which can be put towards that new system. The best analogy here is the automobile market. If you take your car into a dealer for a trade in against a newer model that value is usually substantially below what you could sell it on your own for.

What should I price my systems at?

TheLaserTrader keeps a virtual Blue Book of Fair Market Values for systems and we can give you guidance as to where to price your system. The decision is ultimately yours but similar to the automobile market your system is worth what the market will pay regardless of how much you paid for it. The higher the price is set above the market price - the longer it will sit without any offers being brought to you.

Should I price my system similar to others like it already posted on TheLaserTrader?

As explained above, final listing price is determined by the current owner and may not be indicative of what the actual market will bear. The best and most reliable method is to contact TheLaserTrader to inquire about what that market price may be. Armed with that information you can list your system to best suite your needs.

Do I need to check the OBO (Or Best Offer) button on my listing ad?

No, but we strongly suggest that you entertain offers. We feel it is a great way to get dialogue started with potential buyers. Keep in mind you can always say no or counter the offer.

How do I make changes to the Price or Description of a system I have listed?

Call us at (866) 400-1250 and talk to us live, or simply send an e-mail to

How do I keep track of my listing of my system?

Every thirty (30) days you will be sent an automatic e-mail reminder asking if you still have your system for sale and if you would like to make any changes to your listing. Also, there is a counter on each ad that tracks how many people have viewed your ad. This is usually a good indication if your system is priced appropriately or is heavily sought after.

Is there anything else I can do to help make my system more sellable?

Yes, here are just a few suggestions!

1) An accurate description of the true configuration of your system including year of manufacture (not delivery date), model and any model upgrades, system usage (hours, shot counts on system AND handpieces), has the system been under factory warranty / service since you have owned it and are there any accessories that come with the system sale. If you need help determining your usage or your true configuration give us a call and we can help get instructions on how to find this out.

2) Get a system inspection and certification to help potential buyers feel more confident about the quality of your system. This is similar to a "certified pre-owned" label often used in the automobile industry. We can rcommed a nationally recognized service provider that can perform this for you should you wish.

Is there anything that I have to sign or do I need to send TheLaserTrader my equipment for it to be listed for sale (like a Consignment)?

NO, there is never an obligation or anything upfront to sign to use TheLaserTrader but we do ask you that if you sell it on your own to please notify us so we can take your ad down. You may elect to use some sort of agreement when you sell the system.

What about consignments and sending TheLaserTrader your system in order to sell it? Very Important!! We strongly believe that you should NEVER consign or send your equipment to a dealer / broker in order to sell it. It makes much more sense to keep your asset in your control until the time of sale.

How am I notified of potential offers or questions from buyers?

You will be notified directly by the interested party via the email address you provide at the time of posting.TheLaserTrader team members will first make sure the potential buyer is legitimate before the contact information is exchanged to help minimize a "spam" or bogus buyers.

How do I ship my system and who pays for it?

Typically the buyer will pay for all shipping and handling of the system but like anything in the process this is a point of negotiation. TheLaserTrader can make suggestions for potential companies to assist with the pick up, crating, insurance and delivery of the system. If you have the original shipping crate / containers for the system please note that in your ad as it makes the transfer easier for both parties.

Buyer questions

Where do these systems come from that are posted and why are they selling?

The majority of the systems being posted are from individual physician offices. They are being sold for a variety of reasons including; trading up to newer model, getting out of the business or not offering that procedure any longer, financial hardship, or lease program is ending.

Why do the prices of some systems posted for sale on TheLaserTrader vary so greatly?

As explained in the selling section of the FAQ's, the ultimate asking price posted for the equipment on TheLaserTrader is the responsibility of the current owner. These owners sometimes find themselves in different positions regarding motivation to sell and hence the reason pricing on certain models may be all over the map. If you have a question as to what the current market value price should be for a particular system, please call or email us and we will be happy to clarify.

Isn't there a risk buying a piece of equipment from another physicians office?

Keep in mind chances are a physician would not have a faulty or broken system in their office using it on their patients. They would not want that kind of liability - would you?

How am I assured of the quality of the Laser/IPL I'm considering? Do I need a recent service report or at least an inspection performed prior to paying for the system?

Many of the systems listed on TheLaserTrader have been under continuous service agreements. We can also make suggestions to help you arrange to have a certification inspection performed at your expense before shipment or certification and / or installation upon delivery to you.

How do I actually purchase or make an offer on a system?

At the bottom of the page on each system?s individual detail listing is a "Make an Offer / Ask a Question" button. Just click on the link, fill out the form and hit "Send". TheLaserTrader will then go to work, contacting the seller on your behalf with your question or offer - it's that simple. The seller will then contact you directly with regard to the inquiry.

Who do you use for service and warranty repair?

We can make recommendations based on our experience, however, you are in charge as we will offer you the various options from different providers. We prefer to recommend providers that employ their service technicians and not contract them out as this typically helps control the quality of the service provided.

What about Service Contract/Warranty for my system?

Since we remain independent, we are able to offer different options for your service agreements. Whether it's a service contract from the nation's #1 Laser / IPL service group or in some cases a contract directly from the OEM manufacturer you will be in charge of which service provider is best for your needs.

Do I need an inspection/installation once my system arrives?

Some of our customers prefer to have an inspection upon arrival of their new system. You are welcome to hire a service technician to perform this operation. If you need suggestions we may be able to help.

What if I need application training on my new system?

We can also recommend training tailored specifically to your unique system and application needs. We can put you in touch with our service providers or OEM contacts to get the best trainer for your office needs.

Is the warranty transferable?

There are very few manufacturers or OEM's in this industry that will transfer the warranty from one owner to the next. They want you to buy a new service contract with them.

General questions

Why are there all kinds of different price ranges for similar systems?

Remember that the sellers determine their sale prices. Pricing will be a little different for their given selling reason or decisions. If you want to know what FMV (Fair Market Values) should be for a given system, please contact us and we can discuss that with you.

Can I (or Who can) buy a laser/IPL and legally use it?

It is up to the State in which you practice. The FDA will classify the majority of Medical / Surgical Lasers as Class IV devices and the majority of the IPL systems as Class II. Based on the FDA classifications each State will determine the rules that govern the use of the system. We suggest you always contact your State Board of Medical Examiners to find out what the most recent or current laws are.

What does OBO mean?

OBO means "Or Best Offer"

What does "Currently Under Factory Warranty" mean as it is displayed on the system listings (ads)?

If it is indicated as "NO" then that means the systems original (or extended) OEM warranty has expired. Keep in mind just because it says "NO" that doesn't necessarily mean the system is in need of repair or faulty. A lot of customers have their systems maintained by third party service groups after their original factory warranty has expired (this is generally a much more cost effective way to maintain their equipment rather than going through the OEM). If it is indicated as "YES" then it means the system is currently being maintained under the OEM's warranty/service contract/program. This is a great indicator to you the potential buyer that the system is most likely in perfect operational condition since it is still under warranty by the OEM.