PRODUCT DETAILS Lutronic Corp Genius (2022)

Lutronic Corp
Year: 2022
Type: RF
Wavelength: NA
(wavelengths may vary - see description)
SKU: 120623C
Price: $59,995.00

  • Lutronic Genius
  • Accessories: 20x: M49D tips - large surface area, 5x: G49D tips - moderate surface area, 10x: P14D tips - small surface area
  • Shot/Pulse Count: 7772
  • Hour Count: NA
  • Handpieces: Standard handpiece
  • General Condition: Like new/Excellent
  • Power: 110v
  • Ownership: Owned
  • Last Serviced: 12/2023
  • Operator Manuals: Yes
  • Currently Under Factory Warranty : Yes
  • Original Boxes/Crate: Yes
  • Ships from TX

Indicated Uses:
(actual system indications/configuration may vary depending on options)
Non-Ablative wrinkle reduction
Service - Click here to check if service is available on this system.
Finance - $1,261/mo (price based on WAC and 60 month 10% finance)
Training - Certified Training available, starting at $1500.
Shipping/Handling - Estimated $640-$1000, contact us for exact cost.
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