Due to circumstances beyond our control we have been legally forced by a major laser manufacturer in California to remove any inference to their company from our website even though the information is part of the internet backbone and as such is free domain. Rather than do this for only them we have made a decision that as a form of protest we will remove all postings for every laser and IPL for the time being. In our experience the only ones who win in situations such as this are the attorneys. We appreciate your patronage through the 13 plus years we have provided our service to thousands of happy buyers and sellers hopefully providing a valuable solution to your redeployment needs.

Remember that in most cases sadly a lot of laser manufacturers do not have the customer's best interest in mind when they are selling you a new system. Ask them about things like recertification or inspection fees or what your service options are to comprehend their perspective on a free market economy and what they would like to force upon you as the buying public. You will find that surprisingly their answer is not necessarily illegal, but most certainly unethical. They would rather worry about wall street and their pockets than main street. Understand the impact on your business plan by having to deal with unexpected issues that arise in business and in life. Do your homework to find a true partner not someone only interested in making a quick buck! Please feel free to call us at (866) 597-6895 for references to GREAT companies who will earn your business and who truly care about doing the right thing for their customers.

Respectfully, team