Would you like to make your item potentially more sellable? What are perspective buyers really looking for in the system they buy? Confidence in the form of a warranty. If your system is currently in good working order and meeting manufactures specifications would you like to add a personal 30 Day Limited Warranty to that system you are selling? If yes, please check the box.

What does this mean to you? What are your responsibilities? If you are offering a 30 Day Limited Warranty YOU will be responsible for limited item(s) or components that are faulty and in need of repair or replacement on the system once the new owner receives it and for 30 days thereafter. The time frame for that coverage is 30 days from the time of receipt of the item by the buyer.

The warranty items are limited to ONLY components such as power supplies, computer boards and laser cavities. You are NOT responsible for any item that is deemed a consumable by the manufacture. Things such as any and all IPL handpieces (including crystals, handpiece flash lamps UNLESS the handpiece was not operational at the time of sale and it was not disclosed to the buyer prior to the sale), laser fibers, handpiece tips (shields), coolant spray or liquids, any cosmetic blemishes to the outside of a system (normal wear and tear should be expected and accepted). You are not responsible for computer software upgrades as long as the system is fully operational at the time of sale. You are not responsible for the laser technicians time, service call, travel and personal expenses; the new owner will be responsible for these charges. You, the seller are ONLY responsible for the part(s) to be repaired or replaced. TheLaserTrader.com will help with coordination in using a qualified technician (independent or manufactures) for the necessary repairs. Part of your sale proceeds will be held in escrow in support of the warranty.

For further information you can contact us or visit the FAQ's page.